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20 Characteristics of a Sophisticated Amazon Seller

Proven Strategies & Common Traits of Amazon’s Most Successful Third-Party Sellers

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The Story: The Amazon seller community is a tight-knit one, and it’s typically pretty clear which storefronts are the most successful in a given category. Through our own experience selling on Amazon and working with a variety of clients, we looked to define what the mold of a successful seller looks like.

The Guide: This guide serves as a benchmark to existing Amazon sellers – are you on the right path to growing Amazon performance? Do you share the same tactics as the Marketplace’s top sellers?

Who It’s For: Any third-party Amazon seller


You’ll Learn:

  • Title optimization do’s and dont’s
  • Keyword harvesting with Sponsored Products
  • Using Amazon Marketing Services as a 3P Seller
  • Facebook targeting and traffic generation
  • Scheduling Lightning Deals
  • Having a process for negative feedback management

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