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Sponsored Products Catalog Coverage


Brand Page Opportunities

Headline Search & Product Display Ad Opportunities

Ongoing Bid Optimization Suggestions

Sponsored Products Catalog Coverage

We want to give every product in your catalog a chance to succeed. The reason for this is to maximize your opportunities for product visibility and use performance data to make decisions.

  • Profitable Keyword/search term harvesting techniques & methodologies
  • Analysis of bid management technology used to scale product-level bidding
  • Vetting and implementation of off-Amazon traffic generation opportunities
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaign strategy build-out



Headline Search & Product Display Ads

We ensure that your products are being found at the highest rate possible when searching and browsing on Amazon.

It’s our goal to reach your customers no matter where they are, including competitor detail pages, and these ads allow us to drive product visibility which leads to sales.



“CPC Strategy’s proactive management and professionalism is best-in-class. This level of service is seldom seen in today’s business world.”

– Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing | MyBinding

Amazon Brand Page Opportunities


Brand pages are important as a customized destination for your advertising efforts and to house and feature your most compelling products in a visually appealing and user friendly fashion.

Brand pages also give us an opportunity to showcase the full breadth of products within your catalog to allow for shoppers to discover other products your brand offers that they may not have known existed.

Ongoing Bid Optimizations

Our weekly optimizations are data driven and are to ensure that we constantly stay abreast of any seasonality or performance changes.

Bid Optimization is also important because we want to use regular intervals for decision making as opposed to taking random, less meaningful data intervals such as month to date.


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