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Amazon is NOT Listing on Google Shopping

In Google Shopping’s pay-to-play model, Amazon isn’t in the mood to play. Amazon is not participating in Google Shopping. Shoppers can find some Amazon products on Google Shopping, such as the Kindle:

product listing ads amazon & google shopping kindle

But they’re not from Amazon, and that doesn’t take into consideration sellers who are listing on the Amazon Marketplace and not on Google Shopping.   product listing ads amazon & google shopping jason“Amazon used to be a big player on the paid search results and we would often see listings which came from them. Not having them in the Google Shopping space is undoubtedly a plus for most merchants because a trusted competitor is no longer competing and there is potentially less ‘fluff’ being listed alongside your listings.”

What this means for merchants:

If you are listing on both Amazon and Google Shopping, you’re beating out merchants who are choosing to forego Google. Amazon is a heavy-hitter comparison shopping engine just like Google, so a Google Shopping without Amazon listings automatically gives retailers who are on Google Shopping a leg up AND even more benefit for retailers who are listing on both engines.

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