How to Improve Your Amazon Operations to Grow Purchase Orders & Profitability

Bridging the Divide Between Your Operations & Amazon Sales Growth

Amazon is constantly changing. Today, vendors have more insight & tools than ever before to improve their operational performance and Amazon competency. Unfortunately, interpreting and implementing these changes are challenging.

But for Amazon vendors who want to scale sales, it’s essential to use Vendor Central data to create a holistic product catalog analysis, the dynamic factors affecting sales & profitability, and how that aligns with Amazon’s ongoing PO process.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Leveraging Amazon’s Retail Analytics (Basic + Premium)
  • Demystifying Your Amazon Vendor Central Data
  • Warehouse Functions & Their Impact on Inventory Availability
  • Understanding Amazon’s Demand Forecasting Model
  • Combining Operational Data into Your AMS Strategy

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Don’t Miss Out—Former Manager, Vendor Management at Amazon and now CPC Strategy’s Manager of Amazon Vendor Operations, Eric Kauss, is joined by our Head of Markeptlace Strategy, Pat Petriello, for a webinar that delves into maintaining a operationally efficient & profitable business on Amazon.

Event Speakers


Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy

Eric Kauss

Vendor Operations Manager

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