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The 2017 Amazon Sponsored Products Guide

Refined Product Targeting to Optimize Your Ad Conversion Rate

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The Story:  As an agency managing hundreds of Amazon Sellers, we anticipate the “cost to play” will increase throughout 2017 as more products flood the Marketplace increasing demand in the bidding auction. In response, sellers will have to rely on sophisticated paid marketing campaigns and strategies to outsmart their competitors.

The Guide: This guide is a deep dive into advanced marketing techniques every seller should be leveraging including campaign structure, data segmentation, keyword harvesting, and refined product targeting to maximize your conversion rate.

Who It’s For: Amazon Third-Party Sellers & Vendors already using Sponsored Products


You’ll Learn:

  • Advanced Sponsored Products Campaign Structures
  • Keyword Harvesting & The Search Term Report
  • Advanced Manual Campaigns & Bidding Strategy
  • Refined Product Targeting with Negative Keywords


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