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How Professional Sellers Should Be Leveraging Sponsored Products

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The Story: Amazon’s Sponsored Products program has consistently proven to be a key way to increase visibility and pillar of sophisticated third-party selling strategy, and recent updates will elevate it to become a more powerful asset. Yet PPC strategy is a completely different skill-set  than traditional marketplace selling.

The Course: In this 60-minute seller course, CPC Strategy’s Pat Petriello discusses fundamental Sponsored Products strategy for automatic and manual campaigns, explaining how we’ve found success with the 2 campaign types.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Sponsored Product’s Role in Driving Volume and/or a Defined COS
  • How to Select Products For Sponsored Products for Sellers with Large Catalogs
  • The Strategy in Leveraging Both Automatic & Manual Campaigns Simultaneously
  • Data Harvesting From Sponsored Products Campaigns
  • Key Observations and Predictions on How the Program Will Evolve

Implement a Sophisticated Sponsored Products Strategy

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Webinar Speakers

Pat Petriello

CPC Strategy | Head of Marketplace Strategy

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