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How Vendors Can Avoid Amazon Chargeback Fees

Identifying Types of Chargebacks & Best Practices to Prevent Deductions to Your Revenue

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The Story: From packaging problems to technical errors within an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Amazon will charge vendors for almost anything they can & most of the time vendors don’t know these fees occur. In almost every case, these chargeback fees are preventable.

The Course: In this 60-minute course, we’ll dive into the many types of chargebacks, how they affect your revenue, & how vendors can avoid the fees associated with each one.

Who it’s for: Vendors to Amazon (a.k.a. brand suppliers to Amazon’s retail business)


Topics Discussed Include:

  • How Amazon chargeback fees negatively impact revenue
  • The 5 main types of Amazon chargeback fees
  • How to locate your chargeback fees in Vendor Central
  • Actionable steps to prevent Amazon chargebacks
  • How to dispute invalid chargebacks
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Katie Lavieri

Vendor Services Manager | CPC Strategy

Jeff Coleman

Director of Account Management | CPC Strategy

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