Amazon’s Endless Aisle +

Digital Shelf Revolution

Cut through the Noise and Dominate in a Sea of 560+ Million Products & Counting on Amazon

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Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Updates to Sponsored Products Available to All Brands
  • How to Use Data to Grow and Gain Placement on Amazon
  • Trends on How Consumers Are Searching on Amazon
  • Dive into Relationship between Amazon and CPGs
  • Cultivating Stronger Relationships with Retailers

Don’t Miss Out—Amazon experts from CPC Strategy, Numerator & Salsify advise on optimizations to the expand your market share and win the digital shelf.

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    Boost Your Digital Shelf Visibility with Sponsored Products Campaigns

    With over 560 million products listed on Amazon, how do you get your products found by the right audience?
    New features are now available to all sellers and vendors, even those who didn’t have access to AMS and PDAs before, through Sponsored Product campaigns. What are these changes and how do they work? Let’s dive into the new Product Attribute Targeting to learn how it can boost your digital shelf placement for the right audience.


    Why CPG Companies Need to Manage the Amazon Digital Shelf

    While sales among traditional CPG channels have been largely stagnant, sales on Amazon are are robust and rising. Amazon is the fastest growing online channel for CPG retail, making up 80% of ecommerce growth in the past year. To capture a part of that growth, your brand must be available to consumers searching Amazon. CPG brands that want to remain competitive must have a clear, data-driven merchandising and category management strategy to find premium space on Amazon’s digital shelf.


    2019 Trend Analysis: What Leading Brands Do to Win Market Share

    Your brand must react fast to constantly changing demands from consumers and retailers in order to win market share from competitors. Our latest 2019 Trend Analysis revealed trends in how high-performing brands meet these challenges.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from what hundreds of ecommerce executives are doing with our roadmap on how to transform your organization with the people, process, and technology required to win market share.

Event Speakers

Evan Walsh

Marketplace Channel Analyst

Pat Petriello

Head of Marketplace Strategy

Peter Crosby

Head of Corporate Marketing

Jeff McDaniel

SVP Solutions Consulting

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