Amplify Q4 Sales For Amazon, Google & AdWords

Learn How to Maximize Revenue in Q4 2014 on Google & Amazon

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Q4 revenue increased by 71% in 2013. How much will your online store sell this Q4?


Tune in to listen to Google and Amazon experts, Jeff Coleman, David Weichel and Pat Petriello to learn insider practices proven to increase revenue for your online store this Q4.


Topics Discussed Include:


  • How to increase revenue on Amazon for Q4 2014
  • AdWords tips for more conversions during this holiday season
  • Ways to increase revenue & exposure on Google Shopping this Q4
  • Insider revenue tips from experienced Google and Amazon experts


Maximize Revenue This Q4 on Google & Amazon

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Jeff Coleman
Director of Retail Search

Pat Petriello
Amazon Marketplace Manager

David Weichel
Director of Paid Search




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