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The 2016 Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit

How Professional Amazon Sellers Can Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

Live On-Demand Webinar

60min. Presentation + 30min. Q&A


The Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit is designed to arm high-volume, professional Amazon sellers with strategies & insights to maximize profitability & growth for the upcoming Q4 shopping rush.

This year, we’ll focus on how to properly prepare your listings & ensure you display in search, Q4 strategies for your Sponsored Product campaigns & how to create a winning Q4 game plan.

The Agenda (more details below):

  • Day 1 | Preparing Your Product Listings For Q4 Success
  • Day 2 | Advanced & Lucrative Q4 Sponsored Product Strategies
  • Day 3 | Creating a Winning Q4 Game Plan

Note: This event is free for all registrants, but there is a limited number of spots.

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Session Overviews

Day 1 | August 9th

Preparing and Profiting from Q4

Topics Discussed:

  • Why Q4 Matters and What Trends Are Telling Us
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Success
  • Performance Metrics and Which Ones Matter
  • Optimizing Your Listing and Ensuring you Display in Search

Webinar Speakers

Jeff Cohen

Seller Labs | Partner, Business Development

Pat Petriello

CPC Strategy | Head of Marketplace Strategy

Day 2 | August 10th

Preparing Your Sponsored Products For the Shopping Rush

Topics Discussed:

  • Leveraging Your Amazon Prime Day Data for the Shopping Rush
  • Sponsored Products’ Role in Driving Incremental Q4 Sales Growth
  • Refining & Sculpting Your Manual and Automatic Campaigns
  • Optimizing Sponsored Product Campaigns with Advanced Match Types
  • ROI vs. Rank-Driven Campaign Buildouts
  • Fine-Tuning Your Keyword Match Types in SP Campaigns

Webinar Speakers

Jeff Coleman

CPC Strategy | VP of Marketplace Channels

Pat Petriello

CPC Strategy | Head of Marketplace Strategy


Day 3 | August 11th

How to Create a Winning Q4 Game Plan

Topics Discussed:

  • Establishing a Q4 Calendar for FBA Shipments and Promotions
  • How to Estimate Inventory Levels to Avoid Stock Outs
  • How to Anticipate This Year’s Most Popular Products
  • Product Pricing Strategies for Q4
  • Other Strategies our Customers Have Implemented

Webinar Speakers

Peter Kearns

Feedvisor | Director Customer Success

Andrew Forster

Feedvisor| Strategic Account Manager

Sam St Leger

Feedvisor| Strategic Account Manager

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