How To Give CPC Strategy Access to Your Amazon Account



Step by Step

Step 1: Log into your Seller Central account

Step 2: Provide access to your Amazon account by navigating to Settings > User Permissions and adding Amazon+(your business name)[email protected]

Step 3: Once that email has been added, we will receive a notification and accept your invite.

Step 4: After creating our login, we will need you to assign Permissions by navigating to Settings > User Permissions.

Step 5: At a minimum, we will need view and edit access to the Inventory section, Campaign Manager, Product Ad Performance Reports (view only). and Business Reports. This will allow us to pull the reports we need to do the evaluation (but we will NOT be changing anything in your account).


What You Can Expect from a CPC Strategy Audit

Objective of the audit

To identify wasted ad spend and potential areas to profitably scale ad spend which will lead to additional sales volume in the account.


  • About CPC Strategy
  • Introduction to our Associate Account Executive
  • What are your goals as a company?
  • How are you evaluating success / KPIs in upcoming months?
  • Why are you on the call today & what brought you to CPC Strategy?

Go into the account


  • MoM & YoY performance analysis
  • Identify top performing ASINs & their conversion rates
  • Inventory check

Rank Tracking

  • Are you currently tracking your keyword rankings?
  • Top ASINs & identify where they rank
  • Discuss Amazon SEO
  • Analyse your competitors

Campaign Manager

  • Campaign architecture & product analysis
  • Search Term Reporting
  • Negative Keywords & Match Types
  • Bid & performance analysis
  • Allocation of budget among products


  • Introduction to CPC Strategy’s platform
  • Review rule-based bidding
  • Implement a “mock” rule for the account


  • Headline Search Ads
  • Product Display Ads

Final thoughts on “areas of opportunity” within the account.


“CPC Strategy is the most well-rounded Amazon support and consultation group I’ve come across. Each data-driven decision is thought through extensively, tracked closely, and reported on accurately. Their proactively and professionalism is unmatched anywhere. I truly believe they have the best interest of our business at heart.”

– Kyle Schmidt, E-Commerce Manager | eLuxury Supply