How To Give CPC Strategy Access To Your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Account



Step by Step

Step 1: Log into your AMS account

Step 2: Provide access to your Amazon account by navigating to Manage Users > Invite a new user and adding Amazon+[company name][email protected]

Step 3: Select “Editors” access and click invite user.

Step 4: Once that email has been added, we will receive a notification and accept your invite.


What You Can Expect from a CPC Strategy Audit

Objective of the audit

To identify wasted ad spend and potential areas to profitably scale ad spend which will lead to additional sales volume in the account.


  • About CPC Strategy
  • Introduction to our Associate Account Executive
  • What are your goals as a company?
  • How are you evaluating success / KPIs in upcoming months?
  • Why are you on the call today & what brought you to CPC Strategy?

Go into the account

Rank Tracking

  • Are you currently tracking your keyword rankings?
  • Top ASIN & Identify where they rank
  • Discuss Amazon SEO
  • Analyse your competitors


  • Campaign architecture & product analysis
  • Search Term Reporting
  • Match Types
  • Bid & performance analysis
  • Allocation of budget among products
  • Headline Search Ads
  • Landing Page experience
  • Product served vs. keyword bidding against
  • Product Display Ads

Final thoughts on “areas of opportunity” within the account.


“CPC Strategy is the most well-rounded Amazon support and consultation group I’ve come across. Each data-driven decision is thought through extensively, tracked closely, and reported on accurately. Their proactively and professionalism is unmatched anywhere. I truly believe they have the best interest of our business at heart.”

– Kyle Schmidt, E-Commerce Manager | eLuxury Supply