How To Give CPC Strategy Access to Your Facebook Account


Step by Step

Step 1: Within Business Manager, navigate to your Ad Account tab.

Step 2: Click Assign Partner

Step 3: Enter our agency Partner ID: 732217156874391 and select Ad Account Advertiser as the role.

What You Can Expect from a CPC Strategy Audit

Objective of the audit

To identify wasted ad spend and potential areas to profitably scale ad spend which will lead to additional sales volume in the account.


  • About CPC Strategy
  • Introduction to our Associate Account Executive
  • What are your goals as a company?
  • How are you evaluating success / KPIs in upcoming months?
  • Why are you on the call today & what brought you to CPC Strategy?

1. Go into the account

2. Email List

3. Campaign

4. Site Traffic

5. Prospecting

6. Dynamic Ads

7. Lookalike Audiences

8. Creative

  • A/B testing creative, ad types (single vs. carousel vs. video)
  • Ad copy vs. audience you are serving

9. Interest, Demographics, & Behaviors

10. Campaign Architecture

11. Final thoughts on “areas of opportunity” within the account.


“It’s a genuine pleasure working with CPC Strategy. My Retail Search Team are true professionals and I’ve seen nothing but upstanding integrity and attention to detail from them and the rest of the CPC team.”

– David Varnai, Director of Performance Marketing | Zenni Optical