Advanced Strategies and Insights for Professional Marketplace Sellers

Today, we announce the start of CPC Strategy’s 3-day Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers, designed to arm professional, large-scale Amazon sellers with advanced, strategic insights that can drive performance on the Marketplace. The 3-day long virtual course (March 10-12th, 11-12pm PST) will dive into the foundational elements of Marketplace optimization and how to drive shoppers to your offers and convert them.

Despite being the premier destination for shopper queries and a top-tier retail sales channel, few sellers approach the Marketplace with a sophisticated strategy focused on ongoing performance optimization. The lack of high-quality resources on “Amazon Optimization” has led to many sellers assuming a reactive – not proactive – approach to the Marketplace.


Day 1: Amazon Optimization – Unpacking the Strategic Levers that Drive Marketplace Performance

The first session, led by CPC Strategy’s CEO Rick Backus and Head of Marketplace Strategy Pat Petriello will discuss:

  • How most sellers are not taking full advantage of Amazon
  • Driving sessions by increasing product discoverability
  • Generating orders by optimizing product buyability
  • Conducting a catalog analysis to implement the right strategies to key product segment


Day 2: Amazon Search Secrets: Building a Brand on Amazon

The second session, led by Backus with additional guest, Paul Johnson, co-founder of Seller Labs will include:

  • Why Amazon search matters
  • Factors that influence Amazon search
  • How to improve listings for better search placements & conversions
  • 5 key focus points to improve your products Amazon search position


Day 3. Winning the Amazon Buy Box Without Sacrificing Profitability

The final session, led by Backus with Director of Marketing at FeedVisor, Shmuli Goldberg will include:

  • Deep dive of the Amazon Buy Box and and its importance to Amazon sellers
  • Breaking down the variables that determine Buy Box ownership
  • How to use the metrics within Seller Central to your best advantage
  • Analyzing the techniques being used by the top Buy Box winnners today


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