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4 Steps to Remarketing Success

By Tinuiti Team

At the core of any business is audience conversion. No business owner likes to see consumers failing to make purchases after visiting his or her website, but it’s a fact of ecommerce life. This makes remarketing efforts to reel those potential customers back in all the more important.

Remarketing (or retargeting) is used to draw your unconverted users back to your business’s site to convert. This is best accomplished by displaying relevant and appealing ads to these users across the internet. To make the most out of your business’s retargeting strategy, apply the steps below.

Your Best Customers are the Ones Already Paying You

Don’t neglect potential repeat business in your quest for new customers. After all, these are the people who have already demonstrated they trust your product and are willing to part with their hard earned money for that product. Establish a connection with your brand’s loyal customers via blogs, social media pages, email newsletters, and any other mediums where your customers tend to flock.

Use these platforms to inform and entertain your audience. Go in depth about the unique qualities of your products while telling compelling stories that capture your brand’s essence. A well-established strategy of connecting with past customers is a great way to bring these same customers back in the future for repeat business.

Go Fish for the Unconverted

Set up a remarketing list to attract unconverted users back to your website. This list contains site and/or app users who have paid a visit to your brand’s online presence. Remarketing lists can be set up through AdWords or any other display retargeting vendor of your choosing. These lists allow you to specify how long you want the user on the list, based on your sales timelines. For example, if your product generally requires a lot of consumer research and consideration before purchase, you may want to extend the list to 30-60 days. If your product is usually bought quickly, your retargeting window could be as low as 7-14 days.

Once you have your list, you can segment your audience out based on how they’ve interacted with your site. Lead different audience segments to the parts of the site they showed the most interest in. For example, you would want to make sure someone who visited the Men’s section of a retail site ended up on the Men’s pages through your retargeting efforts, instead of on the Womens’ or Kid’s pages. You can also segment audiences who viewed multiple pages into a separate bucket that you can bid on more aggressively.

Abandoned Shopping Carts Can Be Valuable

They’re not just for grocery store parking lots anymore; users who add items to their shopping carts and leave your site without purchasing have shown a higher intent to purchase than almost anyone else who visits your site. You should go after these users accordingly. Segment cart abandoners into their own audience, and bid more aggressively for them. Dynamic display creative or email retargeting touting the abandoned products will do well here to push prospective customers towards a purchase they were already thinking about making. If your business sees an abnormally high cart abandonment rate, you may want to reference our Top 10 CRO Tips.

Upsell Your Existing Customers

Your existing customers, as mentioned above, have already shown they are willing to spend money on your products/ services. It’s important to not forget about a user after conversion. In the world of digital advertising, that can take the shape of putting these customers in their own audience retargeting segment. Customize ads that speak to complementary products and services you can offer an already converted user.

Demonstrate to these users how new products and services can give new value to the older products they’ve already purchased. Someone purchased a pair of jeans? Maybe they’re in need of a great pair of boots to complete the look. The right display partner will be able to help you write a plan around related products that already converted customers will find relevant.

With these 4 steps and a bit of know-how, you can make your display retargeting strategy more profitable. Make the most out of your display partner relationships. For more information about how the proper display strategy can help your business, read our POV: Inside Programmatic: Agency vs. In-House Management

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