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Boost Holiday Sales with Mobile Drive-to-Store Campaigns

By Tinuiti Team

Fashion and retail digital marketers can't just rely on vertical targeting within their mobile advertising campaigns. More is needed. Geo-fence marketing is a mobile drive-to-store strategy that helps brick and mortar locations increase real-time customer engagement. It's a great way to boost holiday sales and a must-have lead generation strategy. 

Geo-Fence Marketing Tactics

Customers share their locations in real-time through the GPS technology in their mobile phones. Geo-fence campaigns take advantage by introducing advertisements any time a consumer enters a designated virtual perimeter. Stores within that perimeter can deliver a tailored advertisement. So, what are some of the ways your lead generation can be improved this holiday season with geo-fence targeting?

Behavioral and Location Targeting

With the right data marketing software, you can target consumers based on their past activities. Location-based targeting will deliver advertisements to consumers who visited relevant businesses in another geo-fence. If the customer has shown an interest in a given brand, location targeting can drive that customer right to your door. 

Behavioral targeting works by culling multiple data points on a consumer’s preferences over time. Commonalities and synergies are identified. If a customer has a particular pastime, a certain lifestyle, or an affinity for a specific brand, then a focused message is delivered about complimentary brands and services. Behavioral targeting can also re-initiate interest with consumers who – for whatever reason – may have abandoned their purchase. That polite reminder is often all it takes. 

Create Your Own Geo-Fence

Wouldn’t it be great if you could isolate your company from your competition to target specific customers the moment they were in your vicinity? Well, it’s possible. You can create a geo-fence around your competitor’s stores. Defining your own virtual perimeter means you can set up predetermined triggers to deliver mobile banners, promotion emails, alerts, and text messages once a potential customer enters your boundary.

Measuring Store Visits and In-Store Sales

Measure the increase in-store visits and sales as a result of your geo-fence campaigns. From there, you can tweak strategies for different buyer personas, while outlining how you target different customer segments. You’ll gain better insight into the buying habits of your most loyal customers, and you'll have a greater understanding of who visited your store and when. This will allow you to follow up with tailored re-marketing campaigns for past visitors and customized offers for lost customers.

Increase Engagement with Rich Media

Geo-fencing campaigns allow you to incorporate custom creative units like maps and pins with driving directions and distance markers for anyone entering your boundary. You can then leverage rich media like streaming video, interactive ads and downloadable apps to increase brand awareness.

Geo-fence marketing is the ultimate solution for real-time lead generation. It allows you to capture someone's interest the moment they enter your store's vicinity. You can drive them straight to your location and then track how successful you are in winning them over. 

If you want to read more about how the right lead generation strategy can have an impact on a retailer's business, download our case study: Search, display, and social advertising boosts high-end retailer's YOY sales by 70%.

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