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By Tinuiti Team

Native Advertising may be the next great evolution in marketing. An extension of the concept behind product placement, native advertising takes your ads and puts them directly within the content available to your customers on the websites and blogs that they already trust.

Think of native ads as integrations that can appear in-feed in social media or within the content of pretty much any other type of website. In fact, social media platforms are already making a good chunk of their advertising revenue through native advertising.

But native ads have much more potential than many advertisers are currently realizing. They can and have appeared outside of social media platforms and directly on premium publisher sites, which has made consumers become more accustomed to them. So, why not expand your native advertising efforts outside of social media platforms through your display campaigns?

The Data Supports Native Advertising Efforts

Several studies by leading native advertising companies find that users view native ads more frequently than display ads. This is because users’ visual attention for native ads is nearly equivalent to the visual engagement of the original editorial content on the site where they are placed. This increased engagement, along with other issues with ad fraud and ad blocking, are driving more advertisers to test native ads for their campaigns.

How Are Native Ads Different From Content Marketing?

Many advertisers get confused when they first hear about native ads, mistaking native advertising as a light form of content marketing. While both content marketing and native advertising do rely upon advertiser-generated content, that’s about all they have in common.

Content marketing is designed to establish the brand or advertiser as a thought leader in their market, attracting an audience to the brand, while building community (and buzz) around it. Native advertising is more akin to display ads that get an advantage by being placed within content from trusted providers.

The Benefits

Native Advertising Is Already Everywhere You Need to Be (Or It Could Be)

Regardless of the content of the ads, native advertising is on the rise and offered on almost every social platform and major publication site. To get the most out of a campaign, it is essential to supplement ongoing tactics with ones that are proven to be on the rise, and that drive higher response rates by consumers.

Though rates may be lower with unproven sites and platforms, taking advantage of bargain placements should likely wait until your native ads have demonstrated that they can get results.

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