This is a guest mini-post from HookLogic’s Director of Marketing, Erin Geoghegan. Join us next Tuesday as we team up with HookLogic to discuss Q4 Retail Search strategy.

Next week, HookLogic’s VP of Search Media, Steve Elson, will  join CPC’s CEO Rick Backus to provide insights on how ecommerce search platforms such as Google’s Product Listing Ads, Amazon, and the Retail Search Exchange give merchants the opportunity to engage with people actively shopping for products.

In a recent study, we found 3 not-so-obvious trends in how consumers are finding products – direct influences on your overarching Retail Search strategy:

  • Many shoppers distrust search & filters for discovery: 70% of shoppers use browse-based navigation tools for product discovery instead of the search box, and 73% of shoppers express a fear of missing out (FOMO) as the reason why.
  • Consumers most often cite price, but recognize the importance of various product content on decision-making: For example, Product Description and Product Ratings & Reviews are top influences on Health & Beauty products and Electronics.
  • Higher conversion follows search & filtering: Products found via search and filtering convert at about 2X the rate of those found via navigation. This indicates that navigation is preferred for product discovery, while search useful when ready to purchase.


It’s Time to Start Thinking About Q4. What’s Your Retail Search Strategy?

Join us Tuesday, July 15th as we debut how merchants should be thinking about Retail Search strategy this Q4.

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