Advertising on Reddit is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized marketing strategies in today’s digital marketplace. 

Reddit is a discussion website that functions similarly to an internet forum. Reddit receives over 1.5 million unique visitors a month distributed across 130,000 sub-communities called “subreddits.” It is one of the ten most popular sites in the world and styles itself as “The Front Page of the Internet.” 

So why aren’t more people taking advantage of this platform? 

We’ll get into that. But first, let’s cover the basics of advertising on Reddit.

What is Reddit Advertising?

Reddit advertising makes it easier for brands to reach their desired communities or subreddits. It accomplishes this through targeted and promoted posts that engage users in a way familiar to them. 


Advertising on Reddit is very different from advertising on other social media platforms. Reddit communities are wary about being marketed or promoted to. Brands that want to advertise on Reddit have to devote more effort into community engagement and think about how their ads will potentially be received if they want the campaign to pay off.

“Reddit is an exciting opportunity for brands to reach passionate and highly engaged communities that are dedicated to specific topics. We encourage brands to join the conversation and provide value to Redditors in subreddits that are relevant to their brand.”

Suzie Chudzik, Strategist Paid Social at Tinuiti



Reddit Ad Types

Reddit offers several different ad types to advertisers:

Promoted Post. To all outward appearances, this post looks similar to other posts on the Reddit platform, except for the word “Promoted” above the title. Key features of this post include:

  • Image or Text
  • Call-to-Action button (Optional)
  • Multiple bid types (CPM or CPC)

Promoted Video. This is similar to the Promoted Post, except it allows you to play embedded videos similar to how other Redditors post videos on the feed.




Key features include:

  • Auto-play video
  • Multiple aspect rations (1:1, 4:5, 16:9)
  • Call-To-Action button (optional)
  • Multiple bid types (CPM, CPV)

Category takeover. Your brand’s ad will be the first brand seen in the top communities from your category. This takeover will last 24 hours. The category takeover includes:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top banner (300×600 or 300×250)
  • Sticky banner (300×250)

Front page takeover. Your brand will be the first and foremost on the most visited page on Reddit. Your ad will be the first post a user sees when they visit Home or Popular for 24 hours. The front-page takeover includes:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top banner (300×600 or 300×250)
  • Sticky banner (300×250)

Trending takeover. Your brand will be the only brand that people will see on the “Trending Today” section. Your trend will be top of the list when a user visits Popular or Search for 24 hours. Trending takeover includes:

  • Trending unit on Popular
  • Trending unit on Search
  • Trending landing page


Reddit takeover. This is the widest-reaching advertising package and allows your brand to be soon first when a user visits Home, Popular, or Search for 24 hours. The package includes:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top banner (300×600 or 300×250)
  • Sticky banner (300×250)
  • Trending unit on Popular
  • Trending unit on Search
  • Trending landing page


Ad costs

Reddit allows advertisers to choose whether they will be billed per impression or per click. Allowable values run anywhere from $0.02 to $100 per bid. 

If you win the bid, you won’t be paying your actual bid amount. Instead, you’ll pay the amount of the second-highest bid plus one cent. If you bid $25, and your opponent bids $20, then you pay $20.01 per 1000 views. 


Reddit Ad Creative

Due to the nature of the platform and its community, Reddit ad creatives tend to be much different than their counterparts on other platforms. Reddit users value authenticity and directness more than flash and glitz. Standard marketing tactics and copywriting tricks will not work on Reddit.




Reddit has published ad creative guidelines that can help you create effective ads. Here are the highlights:

  • Be transparent, direct and controversial. Speak like a human talking to other humans.
  • Address the community. Bring them into the conversation.
  • Make the headlines and creatives work together in relatable ways.


How to Get Started

The process of advertising on Reddit starts well before your actual ad.

Identify which subreddits are most relevant to you and your brand. Your best bet is to prioritize subreddits that have more than 5,000 users.

Once you’ve found those subreddits, create an account, and start participating in those groups. 

Don’t advertise just yet. Start real discussions and give value to other users–like answering their questions about topics you are an authority on. This will demonstrate to Redditors that you are willing to be a part of the community instead of just being an opportunistic outsider. Doing so will also allow you to see which content will resonate the most with this particular group. 

When it comes to actually promoting your content on Reddit, you can either post it for free as part of your contribution to the group, or you can post it as a paid advertisement. Keep in mind, however, than many subreddits forbid self-promotional posts as a rule, so a paid advertisement might be the only effective way to get people to see your content. 

Is Reddit Worth It?

Reddit is admittedly more work than other platforms, but there is potential for a high return on investment. 

Just look at the following examples:

If you invest the proper amount of thought and effort into crafting your ad and targeting the right subgroups, you’ll also be able to generate incredible results for your own brand.

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