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The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Book Review: The five dysfunctions of a team

By Patrick M Lencioni

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Tommy’s Review:

Readability: This book is a delightful read! Lencioni tells a believable fictional story of an executive team at a technology firm plagued by politics and poor teamwork. A new CEO is brought in to correct the problems and set them back on track. The fable format helps with relating to the story as Lencioni illustrates the book’s main concepts of a team’s dysfunctions and how to address them.

Main Takeaways: The main idea behind this book is that a team must work together in a coordinated effort in order to achieve their goals. Effectively organizing and communicating within a team is pivotal for leading a company to success.

What are we trying to do? What can the team do to accomplish it? What can you do to help the team?

What do you need? What can you do? And what can the team do?

Major team dysfunctions are:

1. Lack of trust (this stems from a fear of vulnerability)

2. Fear of Conflict

3. Lack of Buy-In

4. Lack of Accountability

5. Inattention to Results

Any one of these dysfunctions contributes to the dysfunction of the team. While individual performance may be good, company success is hinged on teamwork.

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