Insane Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics

By Tinuiti Team

Most shoppers do not make a purchase the first time they visit a site, and many consistently add items to a shopping cart without making a purchase.

Updated 2017: Below are 22 astounding yet telling shopping cart abandonment statistics.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Facts

1. Online shoppers abandon their shopping carts 68% of the time.

2. At the average abandonment rate of 68% each of these sites could be losing $3 billion, if not more.

3. The good news is about 63% of that is actually recoverable!

4. Out of 10 items that get tossed into an average user’s online shopping cart, only about 3.2 items end up being purchased.

5. The average number of steps in a checkout is 5.08.

6. 50% of sites ask for repeat information.

7. Of those sites that provide postcode validation (41%), only 12% allow manual override.

8. Midweek shoppers are more motivated to get through the checkout. The drop off rate dips down to 85% on Wednesday and Thursday.

9. Saturday and Sunday, despite the added leisure time, have the highest drop off rates, above 89%.

10. Reports says that 61% consumers are “at least somewhat likely” to cancel their entire purchase if free shipping isn’t involved.

11. A PayPal study revealed that 43% of shoppers abandoned shopping carts because the shipping charges were too high.

Other reasons why shoppers left your site (various sources):


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