Elite SEM Thought Leader Cited at Google AdWords Blog

By Tinuiti Team

A recent Google AdWords Blog post discusses the challenge of managing ad metrics in a multi-screen world. The post cited Elite SEM’s own Vice-President and Director of SEM, Zach Morrison, and his discussion of the “holy grail” quest on which advertisers now find themselves. Attempting to track consumers across multiple computers and mobile devices is truly the challenge our industry faces as consumer behavior moves from the home computer to the communications device in the pocket or purse.

Elite SEM is proud to congratulate Zach Morrison as a prime example of the online advertising industry thought leadership that continues to be a trademark of Elite’s experts.

Elite SEM Continues To Innovate For Mobile Media Marketing

Elite SEM’s continued policy of being technology agnostic in order to utilize the latest and greatest online marketing tools and tracking technologies ensures Elite SEM continues to be a leader in the mobile advertisement arena. Our agency experts keep abreast of the latest developments in mobile marketing and will continue to be leaders as both technology and consumer behaviors evolve in the 21st Century.

To learn more about the challenges of tracking consumers across multiple platforms, be sure to read Kellie York’s post about modern consumer behavior across multiple mobile devices.

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