Small online business owners have had a rough time with Google within the last year. Paid traffic with PLAs, Google penalization’s (Panda, Penguin) algorithm updates, and ‘secure search’ removal of organic keywords (Not Provided). The folks over at WordStream wanted to give small to medium online merchant a break with some PPC AdWords tips.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your PPC campaign to make more revenue:

Better PPC campaigns, 5 tips for more revenue

Key PPC Improvements

1. Spend time in your AdWords account

This is the same suggestion you’ll hear CPC repeat for Product Listing Ads. If you’re not in your account at least 30 minutes a week you’re letting things slip through the cracks.

2. Do better keyword research

  • Use Google Analytics and other keyword tools to identify high converting keywords. Google AdWords tool can be useful, but keep in mind it isn’t perfect.
  • Think about keywords that will convert for the holiday season such as “coupon” or “discount.” Consider using Ad Sitelinks to promote better performing categories and products.

3. Improve text ad relevancy

Here are some tips on how to improve Ad Releance in Google AdWords.

  • Some best practices are to use keywords in your headline, featuring dynamic keyword insertion, and asking a question.

4. Optimize your landing pages

Before you make any landing page changes test where your current landing pages perform well, and where there are holes.

  • If you have a high cart abandonement rate get a cart audit done to pinpoint where online shoppers are leaving checkout.
  • For Q4 consider adding holiday specific navigation and landing pages, such as a Gift Ideas page.

Here are some tips to get you started with Landing Page optimization.

5. Create mobile PPC ads

Mobile is the now, not next. Mobile shoppers need a fluid ad experience.

  • Mobile keywords are different than other devices, so be sure to focus on action oriented keywords, and voice search.
  • Include Google maps and Google places
  • Use phone extenstions and local extensions


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