Consumer Ratings More Prominent on Search

Early this month, we noticed Consumer Ratings are now showing up as a completely separate line item for individual text ads, making them stand out even more for the retailers who have them.

  • AdWords enables advertisers to use  3 kinds of ad enhancements for retailers (red)
  • Seller Ratings (blue)
  • Google Trusted Stores badges (black)

AdWords consumer ratings update

Consumer ratings, highlighted in yellow above now have their own line in text ads.

Why Should You Care?

This is big for online retailers participating in search. It’s becoming more and more competitive for retailers to stand out with just the traditional ad extensions available to advertisers, and much of their search success will hinge on whether or not they are running a good online business.

Below are some of the major considerations of this AdWords update:

  • Ad Extensions are part of how AdWords calculates AdRank which will impact when you win the search auction (previously AdRank was determined by bid and quality score)
  • Text ads now take up more space on Google search pages
  • Consumer Ratings are even more important to court for advertisers
  • Google says they will only add them if Google “predicts that showing ratings will be beneficial to your campaign, ratings show without any setup on your part”
  • Google determines whether or not your extension shows up.  Similar to other ad extensions (e.g seller ratings and site-links) which don’t appear for every search

What Should You Do?

The AdWords Consumer Ratings extension update is designed to provide Google searchers with more seller information to make a more informed purchase decision. Below are some points on how to capitalize on this update to improve Google search visibility.

  • Ensure you are generating positive consumer reviews
  • Set up Google Ratings
  • Consider setting up Google Trusted Stores
  • Think about setting up Google Consumer Survey Annotations


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