Google’s and Bing’s granularity of geographic targeting has improved exponentially over the years. ZIP code targeting is a great way to get hyper-granular with your campaigns. Manually uploading anything more than 10 ZIP codes is a giant headache. In case you were curious, the United States has 41,758 ZIP codes.

Difference For Uploading Zip Codes Between Google and Bing

Unlike Google’s bulk uploading in the AdWords UI, Bing ZIP codes can be bulk uploaded from Bing Ads Editor. The bulk upload option can be found under the “Targeting” tab. Below is an example of how the ZIP codes should be uploaded:

91916, CA US
92131, CA US
92040, CA US
92126, CA US

Getting a large list of ZIP codes into this format can be very cumbersome. The simplest way I have found is to upload the ZIP codes through Google first. When downloaded into AdWords Editor, the correct state will be appended to the ZIP code. From there, export the targeting into a CSV. Then, using the Wikipedia page for state abbreviations, use VLOOKUP() to find the correct state abbreviation in excel.

Ideally, I would like to see Bing move to a bulk upload like Google where you only need the ZIP code. However, we can use Google’s technology to simplify the Bing bulk upload process.

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