Scope: We utilized RLSA’s in order to better targets users and distribute custom ad content according to the user’s previous engagement with the site. The client is a membership based ecommerce company.

Process: We created unique remarketing custom combinations of members, non-members and previous purchasers. Each list excludes any cross targeting, so that any user would only be placed within one audience ‘bucket’.

We then created 3 new brand campaigns, each of which only contained one remarketing list. We created ad messaging that had a call to action tailored to unique goals.






Register for membership

“Sign Up for Exclusive Sales”


Drive First Time Sales

“Save Up to 70%. Shop Now!”


Drive Additional Sales

“Free Shipping, Shop Now!

Results: The CPA for new user sign ups decreased by 1000% within the Non-Members Campaign. Order rate increased by 49% in the purchasers campaign.

Conclusion: Segmenting users based on interaction and distributing more relevant content according to assumed intent of an audience results in increase engagement and more efficient use of ad dollars.

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