Bing Shopping Ads to Drive Profitable Returns

With about 65 million retail searches & 177 million retail clicks a month – about 22% of all US retail paid clicks – Bing continues to demonstrate their impact on the search/product display advertising landscape.

With new Bing Shopping developments over the past few years, Bing has given advertisers the ability to target an even larger pool of consumer product searches, therefore leading to not only higher quality traffic to your ecommerce website, but also maximizing your ROI.

On Friday, July 29, from 10am to 11am (PST), we will teamed up with Bing to bring you a 60-minute webinar full of new insights within the Bing Shopping network & proven strategies that’ll help drive higher quality traffic to your ecommerce website.

Event Agenda:

  • How Bing Advertising Will Lead you to Stronger Profitability
  • Bing vs Google | When & Where to Invest Your Ad Dollars
  • New Findings & Developments with Bing Product Ads
  • How to Showcase Your Products Through Product Ads
  • Proven Strategies That’ll Drive Highly Qualified Traffic to Your Site


bing shopping ads


How to Drive Ecommerce Shopping Growth with Bing Shopping Ads



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