AdWords allows you to generate some awesome reports to analyze data trends, which you can leverage to optimize your PPC account all year.

For Q4 understanding your performance data, and trends across reports is integral.

Excel is an amazing tool to help you disseminate data trends and leverage your product data for higher sales on AdWords. Check out the PPC data resources below to leverage Excel for your PPC data and AdWords campaign performance:

Excel Heatmaps for PPC

Heatmaps in excel are a function which allows you to highlight cell color based on the variables within cells. Fore example, numerical values can be displayed based on their order with a correlating gradient color scheme.

When to use a Heatmap in Excel for PPC

You can use heatmapping in excel to highlight data trends from PPC AdWords reports. Here are some reports you can use heatmapping with to highlight data trends and product performance:

  • Highlight items with too high of a Cost of Sale (COS)
  • Identify successful best sellers (Top Sellers AdWords report)
  • Root out products with click through rate above or below a desired threshold (AdWords Ad Performance Report)
  • Identify days of the week during which your store sells the most
  • Note which products are ranking in search (Auction Insight Report)
  • View product impressions (Auction Insight Report)
  • Optimize keyword spend (Keyword Performance Report)
  • Analyze ad extension Performance (Ad Extension Performance Report)
  • Identify search queries which lead to higher click through rate (Search Query Performance Report)


Create a Heatmap in Excel

To create a heatmap in excel for your PPC data, follow the steps below:

  • Select the the column of data you want to track
  • Select Conditional Formatting > Color Scales

Here’s an example of a heatmap in excel (for days of the week):


Heatmapping in excel is part of Excel’s conditional formatting, which also allows you to change your text, visuals, bars and other variables.

You can use heatmapping in excel for PPC to highlight data with icons, and graphic visuals:

Excel tech tip heatmap

You should be automating AdWords reports for your PPC campaign before Q4, and analyzing bid data trends, performance indicators, and any variables which will affect your holiday sales.

Use heatmapping for your AdWords reports before, during Q4 and in Q1 to highlight PPC data which you can leverage for more sales, impressions and better campaign performance.


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