3 ways to make sure your comparison shopping campaigns don't crash like the stock market

By Tinuiti Team

You’ve seen the pictures.Don't let your CSEs fail

You’ve heard the stories.

Woe is the stock market today.

In order to mitigate a comparison shopping campaign crash, you’ll want to do the things below which the stock market does not.

1. Watch out for Y2K moments.

Make sure your infrastructure is stable.

If your website goes down your product relevancy is hit, a factor that plays a roll in determining the amount of traffic and the quality of traffic each shopping engine sends your way.

This builds back slowly over time.

2. Don’t create a bubble.

Remember that any large increases to your CPC bids will likely only work for a short period of time.

Your competitors are adjusting their pricing, product information, and special offers that are displayed in their product listing. They’re also adjusting their CPC bids as well.

That’s why it’s important to re-adjust your CPC frequently in order to stay consistent with your ROI goals.

3. Don’t panic.

Often times when there’s one bad day, or one bad week, your first inclination is to want to fix that week by making major adjustments to that campaign’s strategy.

But be extremely careful, as these large changes in strategy could even hurt your numbers further.

Adjust incrementally and often to avoid risk and optimize your comparison shopping campaigns at a more detailed level than your competition.

Try to stay clear of sweeping changes.

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