Bing Launches Rewards Program

By Tinuiti Team

Today the Bing Community blog announced the launch of Bing Rewards, a program that gives users the opportunity to earn credits “for searching and exploring online.”

Once you join Bing Rewards you’ll regularly receive offers available via your Bing Bar. Offers may include searching on Bing, trying Bing features, or simply learning new things about the world. As you earn credits, check out the Rewards redemption center where you can redeem your credits for a wide selection of rewards including Microsoft Points (rejoice Xbox, Zune, and Games for Windows users!), charitable donations (including ,Teach For America, and Summer Search), gift cards, and more. The Rewards redemption center provides hundreds of items, with new rewards being added regularly.

Bing is betting that the program will increase the loyalty of it’s unique users.

In October 2008, Microsoft launched Search Perks for Live Search, similar to Bing Rewards but with “tickets” instead of “credits.”

It will be interesting to see the program’s impact.

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