Comparison Shopping Engine Management – Why You're Doing it Wrong

By Tinuiti Team

It’s painful to see how many merchants assume that comparison shopping engine management is intuitive and easy to grasp. It’s not!


– Theres more than 10 major shopping feed technical specifications to master and optimize, each with individual tricks to improve quality traffic.

– Each shopping engine has a unique merchant interface with various bidding, reporting, and promotional tools as well as different tracking and customer survey pixels (see our Merchant Tools section of our monthly rankings).

– Hundreds of merchants use expert agencies to optimize bids, improve product data, and remove products that get clicks but no sales to improve ROI multiple times a week. It’s a game of battleship with products, and we know where all your ships are.

Insufficient comparison shopping campaign management is probably the number one most common management mistake when it comes to comparison shopping campaigns. It’s not rocket science, but the time investment, intricacies of each shopping feed and merchant account, and competition within the market make it difficult to succeed. That being said, any merchant with the right management can be successful on the shopping engines.

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