CPC Strategy's David Weichel Hits The Stage: Google Shopping Rock Concert Begins On Day 3 Of SMX East At 1 PM

By Tinuiti Team

Rumor has it that Google Shopping going paid is Google’s biggest move in their ecommerce history. So ecommerce nerds have to get together and talk about it, right?

That’s the plan at SMX East on Day 3 where our own David Weichel will discuss what we’ve learned so far about Google Shopping with Frank Kochenash from Mercent and Mathew Mierzejewski from RKG.

It’s going to be a big session with an hour of Q&A at the end, and rumor has it that Google Shopping’s own Jon Venverloh (who we did a webinar with here) will be there answering questions with the panelists.

Here’s a description of the session:

Google Shopping Goes Pay-For-Play: Lessons & Learning So Far (#smx #33C)
Google is slowly unveiling what it has in store for users with its new paid version of Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search. The implications for both shoppers and retailers are huge as we start to see more of the new Google Shopping listings incorporated into regular search results. Google is also experimenting with new ad formats, including the new “buying guide”. Be among the leading edge advertisers who understand what’s happening and can maximize on these unprecedented opportunities ahead of your competition.

Moderator:Pamela Parker, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land (@pamelaparker)


Frank Kochenash, VP, Client Services, Mercent
Matthew Mierzejewski, Vice President of PPC, RKG
David Weichel, SEO Manager, CPC Strategy (@DavidWeichel)


If you’re in New York for the week and want to meet up just give us a holler.

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