Google Enhanced Campaigns: PLA Account Migration

By Tinuiti Team

Google AdWords enhanced campaignsGoogle officially announced yesterday that all Google AdWords campaigns will be updated to enhanced starting July 22nd.

Here is a copy of the original email which also mentions the new commercial format of Google Shopping ads for mobile:

AdWords enhanced campaigns

Update AdWords to enhanced

AdWords enhanced campaigns, new commercial format for Product Listing Ads

Links from the email:

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Announcement

About Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Center

About Enhanced Campaigns

Setting Bids For AdWords Advanced Campaigns

Contact AdWords Help

Product Listing Ads For Mobile

Back in march, Google announced that Product Listing Ads (PLAs) would appear on smartphones for marketplaces which currently show PLAs. Making Product Ads accessible across the ecommerce world, on tablets, desktops and smartphones with Google enhanced campaigns.

Here is an example of a mobile search with PLA results:

Google Shopping on mobile example


Update Enhanced Campaigns for Product Listing Ads

For online merchants, it’s imperative to control this migration as much as possible.

If you don’t update your PLA campaign, Google will do it for you automatically. But Google will also opt you in to mobile traffic, which can hurt the return on investment (ROI) for your PLA campaigns.

If you upgrade manually you can actually set your mobile bid adjustment to -100% i.e. nonexistent.

Here’s how to manually upgrade your mobile bid adjustment:

1. Login to AdWords.

2. Click “Get Started”:

Product Listing Ads for mobile
If you don’t see this option within AdWords, you may have something like this in your login:
Google enhanced campaigns

3. You may need to select ‘start now’ depending on the prompt you selected:

adwords mobile ads

4. Select your mobile bid adjustment to: Decrease by [your percentage here]%

Mobile Ads for Product Listing Ads
5. Click “Complete Upgrade” and you’re done.

If you’re currently excluding mobile traffic on your PLA campaigns you should do this before Google makes the transition for you and adds a bunch of unqualified mobile traffic.

Google Enhanced Resources

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
Google Enhanced Campagisn And Ad Spend
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