Study: Mobile Product Listing Ad Traffic Up 326% YOY

By Tinuiti Team

google-ecommerce-product-listing-ad-mobileIn our recently released 2013 Google Ecommerce Study, we found some fairly ridiculous growth percentages for Mobile Product Listing Ad traffic, orders, and revenue. Is this even surprising? Just look how much real estate a PLA takes up on a standard iPhone screen (—>).

Mobile’s been a hot button for a couple years now, and we saw it come into fruition this past Q4 shopping season for Google Shopping. Here are the key takeaways for Mobile PLAs in Q4 2013:

And here’s a big one: Mobile PLAs accounted for 13.45% of Overall Store Mobile Traffic in Q4 2013.

Key Takeaway: It’s important to monitor Mobile PLA traffic carefully because conversion rates are typically lower than desktop CRs. Are you optimizing mobile bids for your product ad groups?

Skim the Full Google Ecommerce Study Here.

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