Google Makes Life Easier, Updates Shopping Campaigns Again

By Tinuiti Team

Last Friday, Google announced that Shopping Campaigns would receive yet another new feature – the option to base a new Shopping Campaigns campaign on the ad group(s) of an older PLA campaign. This is a timely announcement, given that Google dropped the August deadline to permanently switch over to Shopping Campaigns on us earlier this month.


The move is meant to facilitate the switch to the new model before the August deadline.

Should You Use This Feature?

Short answer: probably not.

As Google alludes to in their announcement, it’s a best practice to start fresh with Shopping Campaigns since campaign structure differs significantly from the original PLA format.

Our very own Will Parris, VP of Accounts here at CPC Strategy, advises that the new feature “makes the transition easier if you weren’t using custom labels in the old campaign.”

The bottom line here is that there’s no excuse NOT to switch over to Shopping Campaigns ASAP. The sooner you learn how your campaign performs and become accustomed to the new format, the better off you’ll be by Q4.

Need help switching to Shopping Campaigns? We got a guide for that.

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