3 Ways to Shop Faster This Thanksgiving with Google Shopping Mobile

By Tinuiti Team

Browse Faster with Google Shopping Mobile

Without a doubt shoppers will be reaching for their cell phones to make purchases this Thanksgiving weekend.  Although some consumers might participate in recent trends such as REI’s #OptOutside to avoid the in-store holiday madness on Black Friday – we can guarantee most consumers will still have their mobile phones nearby to check for deals on their favorite products.

According to Google, “This season shopping-related searches on mobile will surpass desktop, signaling a shift from shopping marathons to shopping moments.”

In response to the social shift in shopping behavior, Google has provided 3 new features to help make the browse and buy process on mobile more efficient to drive qualified traffic to your site.

Narrow Search Options Faster

The typical persona for an online shopper through the months of November to January is a little different compared to the rest of the year. A great way to think of this is to picture your Grandmother or Auntie Jane, browsing Amazon looking for “ideas” on what to buy the family this year.

These types of shoppers are going to explore quite a bit before making a purchase.

According to Google, 40% of shopping searches during the holiday season are on broad terms – and don’t know exactly what product they are interested in yet.

Thanks to Google’s mobile redesign, if a shopper searches for hoverboards, Google will show the most commonly searched categories to help her narrow down her search.

Similarly, if she searches on Google Shopping for tricycles for kids, Google will show tricycles grouped by attributes that people commonly shop by including features, brand, and price.

The goal of this update is to provide shoppers freedom to discover what they might want in a “more organized way”.


Browse By Scrolling & Swiping

Once the shopper has a better idea of what types of products she wants to purchase, she can scroll through multiple products without the inconvenience of having to load each new page.

In the example below, a shopper can browse the Lego Starwars Turbo Tank just by tapping on the product and skimming through reviews, images and product information. The feature also allows her the option to swipe to a new product or continue to research the product’s specs, features, and videos to help inform her purchasing decision.


More Upfront Information & Location Options

As she moves further down the funnel and decides on a product (as seen in the example below) all relevant information will be available including merchants who carry the product, which local stores have it in-stock and a quick glance at reviews and manufacturer details.

One out of every four shoppers avoid the Black Friday rush because they don’t know if the products they are searching for will be in stock. Thanks to Google’s new in-store location tracking, shoppers can find out if the toy they are actively searching for is available at a store nearby for pick-up (in real time).


Extended Holiday Sales Preparation

In addition to our own Black Friday / Cyber Monday Ecommerce Checklist, Google has also provided several tips on how to prepare for holiday shoppers and sales including:

1. Budget to survive the holiday shopping peaks and valleys

2. Speed up Mobile Checkout

3. Enable real-time bidding with enhanced CPC

4. Convert more qualified customers with shopping remarketing lists


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