The PPC Performance Metric You're Ignoring Which is Costing You

By Tinuiti Team

Google’s search pages have changed significantly in 2014, and continue to advance as search behavior evolves. Search space on Google is increasingly cluttered, with different objects competing for visibility in the same ad space.

For advertisers, getting a top position on search doesn’t ensure profitability for Paid Search.  If you’re on the partner network, your data can get skewed, and data overall with Google Shopping is likely to muddy your Analytics data. Moreover, text ads often get pushed to the right hand of search- while still maintaining a top position.

Understanding and  differentiating Google data is pivotal to effectively managing and optimizing search campaigns.

How do I track performance data for Google ads at the top and side of search?

One such element- ad placement performance can significantly impact your ad revenue. Discriminating paid Campaign ad performance based on ad page placement is an underutilized but instrumental data lever for Google impressions, and conversions.

How to Use Google Segments to Better Evaluate Search Performance and Inform Optimizations

Google search ads can appear in two main places on Google SERPs- at the top of the page, and to the right-side of the main search results.

‘Top’ PPC Ads:

Google PPC ad placement on Paid search


‘Other’ PPC Ads:

PPC other ads display on Google Search

Google SERP space and Analytics

AdWords segments these two ad placements as “top” and “other” which applies to both text ads and PLAs. Below are the main elements of top and other PPC ad placements:

[ws_table id=”140″]

Google advertisers should track and optimize data for PPC ads in the ‘top’ and ‘other’ placements, and continually test to maintain optimal PPC performance.

To segment ‘top’ and ‘other’ ads in AdWords:

1) Navigate to Segment in Google AdWords under Campaigns:

Google PPC Analytcis

2) Select Top vs. Other:
Google PPC Analytics

3) View performance for ad campaigns based on ad placement at ‘top’ or ‘other’ on Google SERPs:


Analyze your PPC performance for text ads and Google Shopping ads to see if top vs. other ad placement is affecting campaign and ad performance. Consider making  bid, keyword and/ or ad copy changes to boost PPC performance.

Yesterday, Google announced  changes to Google Shopping, all of which are designed to improve Analytics and data attribution optimizations. Moving into Black Friday weekend, and getting ready for Q1, getting in front of effective AdWords Analytics is pivotal

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