Google's Merchant Center now Separates Free vs Paid Clicks

By Tinuiti Team

With the current Transition (yes it deserves the capitalization) between free Google Product Search/Shopping traffic to paid traffic, we’ve speculated on how the Merchant Center will evolve from being simply a place where one checks their feed uploads to something…more.

Previously we’ve seen Google release the ability to quickly set up a PLA campaign from directly within the merchant center, and now users logging in will actually see a couple of graphs charting the distribution of how their paid and free traffic are separated:

Unfortunately there’s no spend details to be had within the merchant center, and that still can only be accessible within the Adwords login–but it’s still a nice touch to see that Google isn’t neglecting its merchant center.

With the full transition taking place in less than 2 months, we’re hoping to see even more features not just within the merchant center, but within the Adwords login as well to better help merchants manage their paid product listings.

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