Perks of Google Promotion Extensions

By Tinuiti Team

Google ad extensions are a potentially excellent format for sharing extra information about your business, so they need to be on your radar.

They offer an ad more prominence on the search results page and build search marketing momentum. And being higher up on the search results page provides marketers with two main benefits: increased visibility and an improved click-through rate.

Let’s say you’re a marketer working on behalf of a fashion retailer and using these extensions. Linking extensions to your fashion advertisements, such as for your business location and consumer ratings, makes your ad more noticeable. The key is transparency here, which is a favorable trait of successful businesses.

Seeing specific company information upon viewing your ad makes your products or services more attractive to those searching for their value than without it. As a result, you can experience higher lead generation and conversions thanks to the easy access of extensions like a business phone number, store hours, or links to product pages.

Luckily, your search marketing journey can get better.

What Are Google Promotion Extensions?

Google has a new extension type in the works called Promotion Extensions. It’s very similar to the other types of extensions mentioned earlier. The only difference is it is in the format of a coupon code. And you can show other promotional factors, such as the promotion name, date, percentage or dollar amount off, and holiday (if applicable).

This can offer your search marketing practices a big boost. Besides, people love paying less for a product or service if they can. Discounts shown with display advertising are enticing because the value appears upfront.

Consumers don’t have to wait until they reach the e-commerce website to discover markdown opportunities. In addition to this, there are a number of other benefits attached to this advertising feature.

What Are The Benefits?

Let’s uncover more benefits Google Promotion Extensions offer your search marketing journey. For example, extensions can be scheduled. So, you have the option of scheduling your extensions for special moments when you know traffic for a particular product or service will be high.

This is definitely something to take into account during holidays, such as Cyber Monday. And this paid off for one of our clients. For this client, Cyber Monday CTR account wide was around 4.8 percent (including brand and non-brand). When the account wide promotion extensions for Cyber Monday were present, CTR was around 17 percent, a massive increase.

Besides flexible scheduling, these extensions provide additional ad copy space to say more valuable things about your business. This is your chance to describe in more detail how useful your products or services are. Use this space wisely.

Last but not least, these extensions can be placed at account, campaign, or ad group level. Therefore, you can choose the level that suits your search marketing needs best.

Google promotion

Moving Forward With These Extensions

There are more things we would like to witness with these extensions in the future. For example, it would be helpful to continue testing extensions when promotions arise.

We’re also interested in seeing how they perform on non-holidays. Would there be a dramatic difference in their search marketing impact? If so, how could we make up for any loss?

What are your thoughts on this Google update? To read more search marketing information, read our POV: Search-to-Store Attribution: Solving the Missing Link.

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