Shopzilla Partners with Google Shopping

By Tinuiti Team

In what seems to be a continuation of a growing industry trend, Shopzilla has announced their recent partnership with CSE giant Google Shopping.  Starting January 22nd, merchant listings on Shopzilla will now be featured on Google Shopping as well.

Much like’s partnership with Google Shopping, Shopzilla is essentially compiling all of their direct merchant data feeds into one big data feed that they will send to Google Shopping.  You may be thinking that this could hurt your already existing and successful Google Shopping campaign because of double listings and their potential for doubling non-converting clicks.  Not to worry though, as Google Shopping will be mediating this partnership by favoring and presenting only the already-existing direct Google Shopping listing if that listing and the same Shopzilla product listing come in contention.

So for you experienced retailers that are already on Google Shopping and Shopzilla, fear not because nothing will change except for a potential increase in your Shopzilla campaign success.

For the retailers that only have a Shopzilla campaign, rejoice.  Google Shopping, with its high traffic volume and quality, is an exceptional and rock-solid CSE that really every retailer should find profitable.

For more information on this growing industry trend, check out this SearchEngineLand article.

You can refer to our Q3 CSE rankings to get a quick rundown on how Shopzilla and Google Shopping compare to each other.

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