The Glorious Growth of Google Shopping in One Year

By Tinuiti Team

If Google Product Listing Ads were an MLB player, it would be the prime suspect to follow in the footsteps of A Rod. Unfortunately, steroidal substance abuse tests have not been applied to the digital space yet.

From humble beginnings (“Google Shopping” > “Froogle”) to its rapid growth to supremacy, the program represents Google’s committed involvement in the ecommerce space.

This is a  snapshot of Google Shopping’s growth from Q3 2012 – Q2 2013 based on our findings in The Comparison Shopping Report.  [ws_table id=”57″]

Diving deeper into PLAs’ growth in TRAFFIC and REVENUE…


google-shopping-traffic-revenue-graphFrom Q3 – Q4 2012:

From Q4 2012 – Q1 2013:

From Q1 2013 – Q2 2013:

It certainly wouldn’t take a seasoned data analyst to take an accurate guess of whats to come for the PLA program. But what’s important to consider is, based off the Google Shopping program’s consistent and continuing growth, how much bigger of a Q4 will it have this year than it did in 2012?

Our Q3 2013 Comparison Shopping Report holds the answers that will allow you to forecast your PLA strategy and budget allocations for Q4 2013.

Receive the Comparison Shopping Report when it comes out on October 23!

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