What Was Google Shopping's Conversion Rate In Q4 2012?

By Tinuiti Team

CPC Strategy’s Q4 2012 Comparison Shopping Engine Rankings look at data from more than 200 online retailers to analyze the best shopping sites online for sellers. This quarter, we’re taking a little different spin on things and asking you to get involved with the data. Answer the question below for a chance to win one of three $50 gift cards to a website of your choice.

The question is:

What do you think Google Shopping’s conversion rate was in our Q4 2012 Comparison Shopping Rankings?

Hint: The paid Google Shopping’s conversion rate in Q3 2012 was 1.99%. In Q4 2011, Google Shopping, which was completely free back then, had a conversion rate of more than 3%. Was it higher or lower in 2012?

Submit your vote below for a chance to win. The first answer received closest to the actual conversion rate wins. We’ll announce the winners on February 6, 2012 when the Q4 2012 Comparison Shopping Engine Rankings are officially released.

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