Have you heard the news? Elite SEM just recently announced it will now be creating video podcasts about online marketing! To add to the excitement, Elite SEM is today releasing its first official video podcast.

The first topic that we have chosen to tackle is budgeting in digital advertising and online marketing. Budgeting is a very important aspect of digital advertising, something that all brands looking to advertise online have to think about and make important decisions that will impact campaign goals.

Please watch below and give us feedback. For more information about this topic, why we chose it, and notes on the contents of the video, feel free to read the below before or after pressing play.

Why we chose budgeting in digital advertising as a topic

The topic of how to set an online marketing budget comes up all the time. It’s a topic that touches not only more established companies that have been advertising online for years, but also large or small companies that have never invested in digital advertising before. Setting a budget for your online marketing ads spend is something that you will need to address. This important decision will undoubtedly impact your company’s goals and also growth.

In this online marketing-focused video podcast we’ll be discussing multiple key topics around the different types of budget options that exist, how to set a budget that’s right for your business, and other relevant subject matter topics. The real question we’ll hopefully help you answer is how you should set a budget for your online marketing spending, and what factors should impact your decision.

What are the different types of budgets we tend to see?

  • Set Budgets
  • Performance-Based Budgets
  • Test Budgets

As Elite SEM continues to grow and our client roster continues to diversify we’re constantly dealing with different types of budgets and goals. Furthermore, certain companies have the flexibility to alter their total budgets depending on the performance or ROI of their campaigns where others have more rigid budgets that do not allow for such flexibility.

What impacts these types of budgets and how does that impact ROI or campaign testing?

How to budget for SEM with any type of budget

  • If you have a smaller set budget, what campaigns should you spend on or consider something you want to keep “always on”?
  • How do “always on” campaigns vary by budget size and type?
    • How does this vary by brand?
  • What % or dollar amount of your budget should go towards testing?
  • How do you tackle new customer acquisition or additional budget to spend
  • How do you reallocate positive ROI?

How to budget for SEO with any budget

  • Essential SEO tactics for any budget
  • On Page and Off Page tactics for large and small budgets
  • Tailoring an SEO campaign to your budget
  • How do technical aspects of your site impact what SEO projects you should tackle with your budget?
  • How do search engine algorithm updates impact your workflow?

Budgeting between SEM and SEO

  • Should these efforts (SEO and SEM) pool from the same budget?
  • How do these important factors impact these decisions by brand:
    • Business maturity
    • Competition
    • Timing and expectations
    • Other things to consider when setting a budget and deciding between SEM and SEO
    • How to budget between SEM and SEO
    • Using keyword trends information between SEM and SEO

Other topics in digital advertising budgeting

  • CPA-based hierarchy
  • Companies that are launching new products or new product categories
  • How campaign goals should impact your budgets
  • Match type hierarchy in setting search engine marketing budgets

What did you think about this first Elite SEM digital marketing video podcast?

Did you enjoy the format, topic, discussion? Did you agree with what Joe and I had to say?

We’d love to hear more from you! Feel free to comment, email [email protected], or contact Elite SEM with any and all feedback as well as topics you’d like to hear a discussion on, on an upcoming podcast.

Is there something else that plays a large role in digital marketing budget that we didn’t cover? Let us know!

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