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How To Improve Conversion Rates On Ecommerce Category Pages

Ecommerce is an ever-changing industry in which store owners must evolve to meet demand. Here are some ecommerce best practices for category pages to help you improve conversion rates.

What Is An Ecommerce Category Page?

An ecommerce category page is a transit point, carefully designed to solidify the user’s intent of converting through displaying incentivized offers and related products.

An ecommerce category page’s goal is to make optimal use of prime real estate while still showing as many relevant products as possible.

Here is an example of an ecommerce category page:

Increase Conversion rates using ecommerce categorypges

Category pages on ecommerce sites can often be more useful than a homepage as a search query landing page. Online category pages conserve clicks to individual product pages.

Ecommerce Category Pages: What Can You Do To Improve Conversion Rates?

  • Utilize a category banner posterior to your content header as a call-to-action (CTA) area (i.e. free shipping, percentage off coupon code). Be sure to include the information for search engines.
  • Test various category layout features by consistently utilizing A/B testing.
  • Utilize faceted filtering and pagination to negate the impact that categories with large product volumes may have.
  • Add relevant, keywords or key phrases, on your page. Regularly update this content to reflect data driven results.

Ecommerce Category Pages: What Are You Doing To Impede Conversion Rates?

  • Confusing navigation tactics from the category page to a specific product page.
  • Bombarding your users with an overabundance of products on a category page.
  • Creating inconsistency with the look and feel between the category page and other site pages.
  • Using confusing naming conventions for URLs. Keep URLs consistent with the subject of your content.
  • Including landing page elements which distract from key call to action areas, such as checkout buttons and search fields.

Ecommerce Category Page Resources For Your Online Store

Here are some of the most useful web tools to create the optimal category pages for your online store:

If you follow these best practices for your ecommerce site, then your category pages should function as a quick transit stop before customers move on to your products.

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