New Findings & Advanced Strategies for Retail

As a high-volume, bottom-of-the-funnel product advertising channel and rapid customer-acquisition tool, Google Shopping is a program that merits a well-thought-out and sophisticated approach.

Yet despite being top-tier Retail Search channel, there are no high-visibility events dedicated to high-level strategies around Google Shopping.

From May 12th14th, CPC Strategy will be hosting a free 3-day Virtual Summit devoted entirely to Google Shopping, shedding light on some of the innovative strategies retail advertisers and agencies are using to get the most out of the program.

You only need to register for the event once to be able to attend all 3 sessions.

Here’s the agenda for the Summit:

Day 1: Innovative Strategies to Thrive in a Competitive Google Shopping Landscape

The first session, led by CPC Strategies CEO Rick Backus and Director of Account Management Jeff Coleman will discuss:

  • The Need for a New Approach to Google Shopping
  • Building a Foundation with Data Quality Analysis & Optimization
  • Implementing Automation for Shopping Campaigns
  • Advanced Ad Group & Campaign Structuring Best Practices
  • Leveraging RLSA for Shopping
  • Negative Keyword Sculpting for Shopping


Day 2: Creating a Scalable and Complementary Approach to Text Ads, Shopping Campaigns, & More

The second session, led by CPC Strategies CEO Rick Backus and Kenshoo’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager Emily Helander will discuss:emily-helander-kenshoo

  • Analyzing Recent Shifts in the Retail Search Landscape
  • Planning Budget Allocation for Text, Display, and Shopping Campaigns
  • How Text Ad Data Can Inform Google Shopping Management
  • How Google Shopping Performance Data Can Inform Text Ad Management
  • Recommendations to Scale & Expand Your Shopping Strategy


Day 3: Using Your Competitors’ Data to Drive Performance on Google Shopping

The last session, led by CPC Strategies CEO Rick Backus and SEMrush Marketing Director Michael Stricker will discuss:sem-rush-michael-stricker

  • Building the Account Architecture from Scratch Through Competitive Analysis
  • Mining for Top-converting Search Terms to Integrate into the Product Data Feed
  • Identifying Keywords that Surface Your Competitors’ Top Shopping Ads and What Do With Them
  • How Price Plays a Role on Shopping and How to Leverage Competitive Pricing Data



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