CSE performance Google reported $16.86 billion in revenue this Q4 2013, up 22% from 2013. This revenue is telling for advertisers, but reveals less about performance metrics which influence advertiser return on investment (ROI) such as conversion rate.

Surprisingly, Google was not the highest converting Comparison Shopping Engine this quarter, in fact Google didn’t even come in second place for conversion rate.

Google PLA Conversion Rate

Check out some interesting conversion rate statistics below, and view the complete study for more on Google Shopping conversion rate, traffic and revenue.

  • Google Shopping  conversion rate rose this Q4 increasing to a 3.2% CR from a 2.41% CR in Q3
  • Amazon Product Ads conversion rate increased from Q3’s 2.78% to 3.48% during Q4 but got bumped down two places in the rankings this quarter.
  • No Comparison Shopping Engine converted at less than .75%.

For an in-depth look at Google conversion rate, traffic and conversions, along with Amazon Product Ads and other tops Comparison Engines such as Shopzilla, check out the Q4 2013 Study:

Google conversion rate, comparison shopping report

What Is The Best Comparison Shopping Engine? Q4 2013



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