Target Search Queries in Google Shopping

Google Shopping success has always been dependent on data feed quality and a smart product-level bidding approach, but Search Query/Keyword Targeting was never considered a real strategic possibility.

That has changed, where we’ve developed unique methods to explicitly target the queries that are most valuable to your business – allowing advertisers to amplify their profitability through the Google Shopping channel.

On Wednesday, June 15th, at 11am (PT) Lew Brannon, Senior Paid Media Manager and Jason Bell, Senior Paid Media Manager at CPC Strategy will host a 60 minute webinar for Ecommerce marketing executives on how to isolate key search term cohorts and exploit their value in Shopping campaigns.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Closing the gap between a shopper’s search term and the ad result
  • Utilizing keyword sculpting, negative keywords & priority settings
  • Avoid wasting ad dollars on generic Google Shopping Searches
  • Isolating aggressive bids & budget to certain high value searches
  • ISO campaign search query targeting – What are ISO campaigns?
  • Live Q&A

Target Search Queries in Google Shopping




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