If you sell on Google, you have less than 100 days to transition your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to Google Shopping Campaigns, the replacement format that changes how product groups are structured and how advertisers can identify inventory to create product groups.Google Shopping Campaigns best practices

Google Shopping Campaigns have been available for beta program merchants for over a year now, but for most online advertisers Google Shopping Campaigns are a new, looming ad update.

New to Google Shopping Campaigns?

If you’re transitioning to Google Shopping Campaigns, here are some things you should do:

  • Choose campaign structure and Custom Labels carefully
  • Establish Goals-Use analytics data and your current PLA campaigns
  • Build out slowly- Build out based on product performance.
  • Choose your ad groups- Custom Labels for new GSC
  • Use Google’s migration tool if you aren’t using AdWords labels for your current PLAs

Increase Conversions on Google Shopping Campaigns

If you’re more familiar with PLAs, here are some advanced strategies to help you leverage your ROI:

  • Utilize tools-Bid simulator, Benchmark CTR, Max CPC
  • Test custom bidding with-Geo targeting,day parting and device bids (e.g mobile)
  • Optimize Exclusions
  • Build multiple ad groups and item level detail for ad group Analysis and creatsion
  • Use AdWords Alerts
  • Be careful what you delete (hierarchical ad structure)
  • Use AdWords tracking

 Google Shopping Campaigns Advice from Google

Here are some best practices for Google Shopping Campaigns from Google. 

  • Add sitelinks to all active campaigns
  • Add call extensions, with call tracking, to all active campaigns
  • Add location extension to all active campaigns (varies for retailers)
  • Opt campaigns into Google search partners for more traffic
  • Turn on enhanced CPC as your bid strategy to help drive more conversions
  • Adjust bids for ad scheduling to optimize for high performing times of the day
  • Adjust bids for different locations that reap the best results
  • Begin the process of upgrading your PLA campaign to Shopping


Are you ready for Google Shopping Campaigns?

Google Shopping best practices


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