Google Shopping is a no-brainer for online merchants who aren’t zombies. Google gets more click thru’s than any other search engine, Google ads convert higher and get more visibility than any other comparison shopping engine.

Reasons You Sell More with Google Shopping

Here are some numbers on Google AdWords success:

  • Google answers over 100 billion searches every month (April 2014)
  • There are over 1 billion products on Google Shopping (SEL)
  • For every dollar spent on AdWords, businesses make on average $2 in revenue  (Google Economic Impact Report)


Increase Revenue with Google Shopping Campaigns

It’s clear that Google Shopping is a good investment for online retailers. Google Shopping Campaigns, the updated version of Google Shopping takes over in August.

Google Shopping Campaigns

  • CPC advertising program to replace the old Google PLA Campaigns
  • Change how product inventory is structured and communicated to Google
  • Structures ad creation and organization based on all products

Learn more about Google Shopping Campaigns and how to get started.

Google Shopping Campaigns fundamentally change how Google ads are created from retailer inventory and how those campaigns are managed within AdWords.

Can you maintain profit with Google Shopping Campaigns?

Since Google Shopping Campaigns have been in beta for over a year, we’ve had the advantage to test the program and determine success (or lack of) for our merchants.

Here are some initial findings on the success of Google Shopping Campaigns:

Google Shopping Campaigns Improved Campaign Revenue by 33.78%

 Google Shopping campaigns performance

Google Shopping Campaigns Improved Campaign Order Volume by 4.20%

 Google Shopping campaigns order volume


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