Google data feed rejected Google has a reputation for kicking merchants off of Google Shopping without much context or explanation. Two major reasons ecommerce merchants products don’t show up on Google are data feed errors and listing banned products in your data feed.

Data Feed Errors: Your data feed doesn’t match Google’s specifications or has formatting issues. 

Banned Data Feed Products: Your data feed has products which are disallowed on Google.

Google Shopping Data Feed Errors

If your Google Shopping data feed is getting rejected first make sure it matches Google’s data feed specifications. Here are some additional resources to help you identify and fix data feed

Banned Google Shopping Data Feed Products

products not allowed on Google Shopping, data feed restrictions

Google’s excludes certain products on Google Shopping which don’t meet family safe requirements such as fireworks and drugs. Think of Google as a movie theater which has to allow everyone in, they can’t play any R rated movies if they need to let kids under 13 in.

Although Google lists its restricted products, its a very common occurrence for online merchants to have their data feed taken down due to banned products which aren’t listed on Google’s restricted products page.

Let me say that again. In additional to Google’s list of products which are restricted in your data feed, there are other brands and products which can cause an entire data feed to get rejected.

Google Unlisted Banned Products

Here are just a few of the brands and products types we’ve encountered which can cause Google to take down your entire data feed, and which aren’t on the Google Shopping restricted products list:

  • Bhelliom Enterprises (Brand)
  • Astragalus Extract
  • He Shou Wu (ie
  • Weapons (Guns, Gun parts/hardware, Ammunition, Knives, Bombs, Throwing Stars, Brass Knuckles).
  • Apricot Kernels
  • Muscle Marinade (Purus Labs)
Most merchants who are troubleshooting data feed issues with Google Shopping have had these issues, especially merchants in the camping, supplement, beauty and clothing categories.

Fix Banned Products On Google Shopping

If you can’t find your products on Google Shopping, take the time to troubleshoot your data feed for format and content using the links above. AdWords support consistently ranks the lowest among the comparison shopping engines, so be sure to follow best practices when contacting them to troubleshoot your data feed.


Not sure why your data feed is getting rejected by Google? Give me a shout in the comments.

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